The needs of our tenants always come first. We believe that and it's why we have such strong, long-lasting relationships with them. Here is what some of them were kind enough to say about us.

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley

The relationship was key, and they helped all along the way. We went from one service to two right away after moving here.
Pastor Bob Hargraves

Abilities First

They took a warehouse, gutted it, and did the specialized things we needed to make this a school. Now 23 school districts send their special needs students here. This is state of the art, and it was easy for us. Page did everything.
Jeffrey Fox, CEO

Marco Manufacturing

In precision circuitry, grounding is important, so the flooring matters. Climate control is important so ceiling height matters. Page gets that.
Mike Ratliff, President

Solid State Cooling Systems

This space gave us the opportunity to bring manufacturing in house and into the area.

Otis Elevator

For 30 years this space has served to manage our upstate maintenance program.

Angie’s Gymnastics

We can do things we couldn’t before, like in ground trampolines. This enables us to offer a very high level – nationally ranked – program.

Serenity Electronics

We sell military grade semi conductors, and that means a clean work space, everything has to be grounded, and there has to be an extra layer of security. You need something and Page is right there, and they do it the right way.
Mark Cain, President

Warlock Crossfit

Page has been really easy to work with. We have a wide open space and lots of room to do what we do, but we’re still right in the middle of things.
Erik Zeyher, Owner