Every tenant has a unique need – none of them is the same. So we create workspaces for our Hudson Valley clients that match their business and their industry. “They took a warehouse, gutted it, and did the specialized things we needed to make this a school. Now 23 school districts send their special needs students here. This is state of the art, and it was easy for us. Page did everything.” Jeffrey Fox, CEO Abilities First

Commercial Spaces

We provide hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial property and we work with you to match the needs of your business, whatever the size, from 100,000-square foot gymnasiums, to high-security, state-of-the art technology facilities.

Residential Spaces

While our primary focus is workspace, we do offer limited living space, as well as properties that are approved for residential development.

Open Space / Development Space

Page has several open spaces that are approved for both commercial and residential development.

Property Management

Page works closely with you to ensure your facilities are well maintained. We are available 24/7, and always responsive to your concerns.

Contracting Management

We can work with you to build out any of our facilities into the exact space you need, and it’s happened more than once that we’ve gutted a space and rebuilt it completely for a tenant.